Fathers mean a lot for each of us!

“Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.” says Wikipedia. Definitely, everyone can explain differently but surely with Love.

But, how about a special gift for your precious?

We can give you a hint!

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                                                                     Your Shoes, Your Personality


  • You may not know it willingly or unwillingly, but the type of shoes that you love to wear reflects something about your personality. Whatever shoes you wear, it shows the real you. Whether you hide it or not, your way of life, your character, and your attitude can be summarized with your favorite shoes. Fashion experts reveal some of the personality types behind our shoe preferences.
  • A person who loves wearing a pair of clogs usually are very down to earth. They love the outdoors, nature, and they have a high open-spirit attitude towards life. They are nurturing people who are very generous and have a very remarkable loving spirit. These are usually worn by healthcare professionals such as nurse and also by people who love working in the kitchen such as a chef.
  • You love to work behind the scenes and you are modest, focused, and generous person who is humble not requiring too much attention if you are always wearing flat shoes. You just want to finish a product without total gratification. You want things to be done without getting too much attention for yourself. You are comfortable wearing flat shoes and you just want to be behind the scenes of any activity.
  • High-heeled boots are usually preferred by people who are able to take charge and control any situation. They are usually worn by people who can think clearly in a quick time yet their decisions are still considered rational. This type of shoes is worn by people who show assertiveness and also loves to be in the center stage of any situation.
  • Stilettos are for people who are notoriously hard-working and shows determination, strong drive, and notable work ethics. They are also worn by people who love beauty and values them. They want beauty in their surroundings but without needing to be expensive. They just love things that are pleasant to the eye. They also have excellent taste in what they do while showing openness to every possibility.
  • People who always get along with everyone are usually contented in wearing sneakers. They are comfortable with everybody be it younger than them or older than them. They are highly versatile and are willing to explore all available options and various ideas. Age for them is merely a number because they are ageless and energetic in everything they do.
  • Those who are always looking ahead prefer to wear work boots. They love to plan ahead and are analytical in what they do and always have a strategy in life. They come prepared and they are practical in nature and loves to plan ahead of everything. Just like a chess player, they always think three or five steps further for any moves which are all part of their plan.
  • Flip-flops are usually worn by people who are so relaxed and who are easy to be around with. They go with the flow and always chilled out, happily enjoying where life will lead them. They do what makes them happy instead of worrying from the normal pressures of society. They have an unconventional approach to life owing to their easy-going personality. Spontaneity is the way of their life without succumbing to the typical norms of the society.
  • You are a self-confident woman if you love to wear wedge shoes owing to the fact that you can carry yourself and your weight just by wearing this kind of shoes. Yet despite carrying your weight plus the weight of the wedge shoes, you are still assured when you walk your way through life. You are graceful and you show a strong presence to those around you. You are also outgoing and has a strong sense of self and willfulness which attracts people to your company because they are captivated by your warm and strong inviting presence.
  • Loaf shoes are preferred by perfectionist person who always wants to make any task finished to the highest possible standard. People who wear this type of shoes usually have a meticulous and steadfast personality. They are very driven by details and are very responsible managing every and any necessary details of any task. They are always on the job and are also considered to be an unshakable employee and friend.
  • A pump fan is usually typically worn by a woman who shows a “woman boss” attitude. People will feel your competitiveness, resoluteness and they are intimidated when they can not keep up with your pace. You show maturity and powerful character yet very caring and efficient which leads to a usual role in leadership. You are always alive and kicking when everybody is falling down already around you. You always want to ensure that jobs need to be done properly despite any obstacles that can be encountered.
  • Funny persons are usually wearing mule shoes because they love to be the center of attention. They love their friends around them so they can tell them jokes or funny anecdotes. They are usually excellent in public speaking and toast speeches. They show extreme confidence and are highly sociable who just loves the limelight.
  • Runners and athletes love to fulfill their goals especially in races wherein crossing the finish line is the ultimate goal, no matter what happens along the race route. Not only athletes and runners but there are people who are always using running shoes whenever they go outside and they are considered to be goal-oriented persons. They usually have multitasking activities and they like to take care of everything and prefer to be everywhere. Goals challenges these persons and they love to finish such challenging goals.