Handcrafted shoes have a charm and a class of their own. The careful construction and eye for detail that one gets with a handcrafted shoe cannot be matched with mass produced foot wear. Realizing the need to create a line of high fashion handcrafted footwear, FUTOLI started its business in the year 2002.  A California based company, FUTOLI focuses its business on providing exclusive and beautifully crafted handmade shoes to its clients. 

All FUTOLI products are designed and produced in Europe. Each pair of shoe undergoes a creative designing process. Our breathtaking designs are created and tested for comfort and aesthetics before they are crafted into shoes by skilled artisans who have been practicing the craft for generations. Only the best quality leather and materials are used to create FUTOLI masterpieces.

Once the designing and crafting process is complete, each shoe is then carefully inspected to ensure that it is perfect in every way so that our customers get nothing but the best.

FUTOLI is known for its trendy designs and excellent workmanship. Our excellent customer service with its friendly and reliable team ensures that each of our customer feels nothing less than a royalty.